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New Moon Virgo
Sunday September 13th 2:42 AM EST

Pathfinder Report is a new Moon Astrology report intended to assist in advancing personal significance, equality, and sovereignty through self observation and admission. The report assumes "you create your own reality" an unequivocal fact, at times referred to as "the perfection premise".

New Moon Data
(all dates and times EST)

New Moon in Virgo Sunday September 13th 2:42 AM EST
Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces Thursday September 17th 2:55 AM
Mercury retrograde in Libra Thursday September 17th 2:11 PM
Saturn ingress Sagittarius Thursday September 17th 10:50 PM
Fall Equinox Wednesday September 23rd 4:22 AM Sun ingress Libra
Mars ingress Virgo Thursday September 24th 10:19 PM
Pluto direct in Capricorn Friday September 25th 2:59 AM
Full Moon Sunday September 27th 10:52 PM
Venus ingress Virgo Thursday October 8th 1:30 PM
Mercury direct in Libra Friday October 9th 10:59 AM
Uranus retrograde in Aries throughout cycle
Neptune retrograde in Pisces throughout cycle
Next new Moon is in Libra Monday October 12th 8:07 PM EST

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New Moon Chart for Sunday September 13th 2:42 AM

Astrological alignments in place at the moment of the new Moon
New Moon (Virgo) opposite Chiron retrograde (Pisces)
New Moon (Virgo) quincunx Uranus retrograde (Aries)
Juno (Virgo) sextile Saturn (Scorpio)
Venus (Leo) retrograde sextile Mercury (Libra)
Uranus retrograde (Aries) semi-sextile Chiron retrograde (Pisces)
Vesta retrograde (Aries) semi-sextile Neptune retrograde (Pisces)
Venus (Leo) trine Pallas Athena (Sagittarius)
Jupiter (Virgo) opposite Neptune retrograde (Pisces)


New Moon in Virgo
Sunday September 13th 2:42 AM EST

This would be a good time to know the difference between being cynical and being critical. Specific clarity is on the rise. Jupiter's Virgo ingress on August 11th began a one year process where optimism will be fueled by an individual's ability to be practical in a magnified way. Now with the new Moon in Virgo the experience of this will begin to take hold in a bigger way. Being critical is certainly a good thing as it can be used to discern what is best and most appropriate for the individual. A need to be clear about different opinions and the correlating paradigms and beliefs these opinions imply is a good thing as it allows the individual to make choices which they otherwise may not have. The bottom line about this increased criticalness is maintaining wellness and good health. Make our body our priority. Virgo energy is aligned to health and organic integrity. If there is something interfering with one's health the individual is called to drop it and focus on themselves. Ideally the individual will identify and respect the beliefs of others and allow them their choice to have the experiences they have without the need to become involved in them as if they were their own. Getting overly involved in the problems of others can lead to personal health issues and it is this which is the prime advantage offered the individual as Virgo energy increses, to be clear as to what is and what is not one's personal concern.

The period spanning February 18th 2014 to November 11th 2015 as delineated by the Moon's north node transiting Libra, will be filled with relationship concerns and dynamics. New relationships may come and go, past relationships resurface, some new one's begin and others end. All types of relationship are affected as the dynamics involving both Libra and Aries are affected. We are well into this time span and matters of relationships and partnerships will most likely have affected the individual if they were poised to be affected. Ideally the individual will know about relationship reflection and projection and be able to see this Libra Aries dynamic in action. An energized individual will for example get a boost of energy when they feel that their relationship with some specific individual is working well, or an individual will feel less motivated if there is no one in their life to share and reflect their interest. Aries can be so independent yet this independence can and is reflected in a partnership where the individual sees self in another. All partnerships are like this, they reflect some uniquely shared character, when this is clearly known and understood, when this truth is integrated, a time period like this one can be refreshing. Much resolution of past relationships can occur. There may be new players in one's drama for the individual to relate to yet the process is the same. During this Moon cycle there will be a complete Mercury retrograde period from September 17th to October 9th indicating the individual's mind is drawn to focus on past unresolved relationship matters. Mercury retrograde will be in Libra. Needless to say this is an extremely valuable time for those who are needing to understand relationship issues. The simple matter of allowing a past difficult experience, or wonderful experience, to be known as a reflective parallel experience where the other person is echoing or balancing one's own beliefs and feelings can be monumental in assisting the individual in evolving their awareness.

The boundless nature of existence is kept nicely away from human affairs and typical human living by the force or energy depicted by Saturn. The rule that defines our reality is issued through Saturn as if Saturn makes the rule real in terms of energy appearing to be solid. The shift of what appears to many to be the only real reality then is from emotional sharing to discovering thoughts that facilitate social and community systems. The fabric of government infrastructure for example will be given a new control where the ideals of some specific belief or paradigm will be issued to the public as if they are the one and only. A clash of ideas or a harmonizing of ideas will occur on an authority level. Saturn has been in Scorpio since October of 2012 and will ingress Sagittarius on September 17th, almost three years of serious boundaries on Scorpio energy. The Saturn in Scorpio time can be seen as when people saw reality from the perspective of who they are sensually. The Saturn in Sagittarius can be like seeing reality from the perspective of who we are publicly. Saturn sets up the bounded areas by which we survive and live as humans in a universe galaxy solar system and Earth which is much more boundless than we would typically respond to if not for this Saturn type energy and influence. The value of Saturn's tightness to rules timing and localized practicality cannot be understated. The recent three years has put boundaries on sharing values, what does that mean? The control of money of reputation of sensual expression were present in these three years. Discombobulated Scorpio will be secrecy and intimidation through fear of revealing secrets for example and we can see this has played out as controls over the sensual energy and expression of that energy has been revealed on key dates related to Saturn in Scorpio. As we look to Saturn in Sagittarius we can see, in combination with other astrological alignments, we will be focused on being real in terms of what we say, will we do what we say? There will be less funny business when it comes to one's important work reputation, one's public reputation will begin to be a more focused project for many. The individual who is aware thought creates will use what others may deem as tiny power in a very powerful and effective way. Simple being able to issue discernment and discipline to what one allows their mind to give energy to, and knowing their thoughts do something, that they go somewhere, will be huge in their effectiveness. Mental discipline is gearing up to become a big theme in the next year or so and here we see a beginning. Saying what one means is important yet also is thinking with discipline, using a healthy dose of discernment along with one's rationalizations will also be present. Authority figures may want to control information as they become either skeptical or decisive in terms of specific actions. With Saturn in Sagittarius the world will be defined as a social discovery or be about public reputation.

Again we see bold and aggressive actions coming in this Virgo Moon cycle. This need to demonstrate courage by the individual has been very high for some time and does continue now in this Moon cycle, although there is a decrease starting mid to late fall. After this Moon cycle in Virgo and into the fall season a gradual decrease in spontaneous boldness and aggressive actions by the individual begins. However for now we will see how rationalizing qualifies and supports courageous acts. A shift toward dealing with what is considered real as opposed to things considered frivolous begins. A need to bust or dissolve dynamics which seem to have a decreased significance will occur as one's logic gains the upper hand. The real value of fantasy must be understood in order to reap it's benefits and be able to integrate these benefits into one's advancing awareness, opportunities to do such are coming. An increase in the critical nature of one's logic is one of the things which will gradually replace the need to be bold and spontaneously aggressive. The need to qualify an interest will increase. Partnerships which can speak openly acknowledging the admiration of one to another will most likely work well. Much of the destructive individual actions which have been showing up in the world can be linked to an inability to embrace the fine good qualities of another. This acknowledgement will feel fresh and be a relief for some as they embrace a new way of accepting another.


With this Moon cycle beginning in Virgo the focus will be on bringing things into order. The current report, including the fourteen period cycle below, is scripted from the perspective of maintaining impeccable discernment and personal clarity. Such forged character supports personal health, a Virgo attribute. An evolution of self awareness occurs as this area of clarity is considered and cherished. Those born under the Sun sign Virgo have a natural propensity to order and practical congruency. Not to exclude others as we all have Virgo somewhere in our personal astrology charts, the following is a simplified list intended to indicate where each Sun sign would experience a heightened sense of being self responsible in a discerning and natural way. There are many accents in each personal astrology chart where an individual's energy will be characterized by an apparent alternate Sun sign, as in being their Moon sign. In these cases we will see personal alignments which support a deviation of one's will from their highest order. The intention here is to clarify the basic self responsibility harmonic of each Sun sign and thus create added meaning to the content of the report. These can also serve as healthy intentions.

    I focus on the details of self responsibility by...
  • Leo: paying attention to what I perceive and experience in my local environment.
  • Cancer: how I communicate and share ideas.
  • Gemini: how I understand my feelings and self definition.
  • Taurus: maintaining congruency and order in my enthusiastic self expression.
  • Aries: accepting the need for independence when being self responsible.
  • Pisces: being clear as to how my partnership is rationalized.
  • Aquarius: what I accept as a valid shared resource within my partnership.
  • Capricorn: paying close attention to what new experiences I am lead to.
  • Sagittarius: my work and value to the public.
  • Scorpio: paying attention to who I am socially.
  • Libra: clearly discerning what is my personal responsibility and what is my social experience.


The Birthdays section is a list of birthdays which are being strongly affected by current astrological alignments. If a birthday is not listed here it doesn't mean that a person is not experiencing significant astrological influences which are dynamically paralleling life changes. After all we are experiencing tremendous Earth changes now, nobody is excluded. The people who do have these birth dates are being strongly influenced now and are likely experiencing life altering dynamics. In some cases great opportunities are occurring and in others great challenges are brought forward. Since all challenges can be re-framed as opportunities all those who have these birthdays are experiencing great live changing opportunities. If a birthday is just a day or so previous to the listed date then the person has recently experienced a major change. Due to the retrograde nature of transiting planets the change is not necessarily complete, it may return. If a birthday follows a date listed the person will soon experience a major change. Again due to the retrograde nature of transiting planets the person may have already begun a major change which seems to have backed off, and will most definitely return.

  • September 10th, 11th & 12th
  • October 11th, 12th & 13th
  • November 22nd & 23rd
  • January 3rd
  • February 26th
  • March 9th & 10th
  • April 8th & 9th
  • May 22nd to 24th
  • July 5th
  • August 30th & 31st


To get a more complete or expanded feeling of this Moon cycle consider reading through the fourteen descriptions which follow. Many themes are included here and although relevant to the particular Moon phase and period are also relevant to the entire Moon cycle.

Fourteen Period Format

The Pathfinder Report follows the Moon through fourteen periods in 29 days beginning on the new Moon. The Fourteen periods, or phases, follow the Moon's journey through the entire Moon cycle. Each period will have a particular flavor or tone and is interpreted here as a unique opportunity. The first period begins at the moment of new Moon and continues until the Moon's first ingress. The Moon will ingress into the next zodiac sign thirteen times yielding fourteen unique periods. A theme unique to the complete Moon cycle is also included. As each individual's journey and process is a unique personal adventure this report is to be considered a generalization. In some cases example scenarios are given to assist in providing clarity as to how specific astro alignments may be experienced.

29 Day Moon Calendar

Use the above link to access a current Moon cycle calendar. Each Moon ingress is indicated with date and time. The following fourteen descriptions are relevant to the Moon's cycle through the zodiac. If you are visiting this link prior to the new Moon moment you will have to follow the link "next 29 day Moon cycle". The "29 Day Moon Calendar" page updates automatically on the new Moon.

01 Sunday September 13th 2:42 AM EST - new Moon in Virgo
New understandings regarding relationships can occur this Moon cycle. Communications will change for many in their partnerships, some increase in a harmonious way and others can feel disconnected by what others say, or feel they are not being listened to. Opportunities to become more realistic and practical will likely open up, it is for the individual to intend to make benefit of these. The idea is to bust delusions and misunderstandings. These can be relationship situations partnership situations work and public related situations relationships with friends, or how one is perceived and how one perceives others. Perhaps an oblivious assumption is revealed as a more critical perspective is issued. It is beliefs which individuals hold which drive rationalization and qualifying, at times something will not live up to believable terms and will simple be considered unacceptable. The ability of the individual to admit and accept their past experiences and see these experiences as legitimate for their specific time allows the benefit of these experiences to move the individual into fresh new opportunities with added insight and no judgment. Consider what a challenging situation allowed us to experience, which we would not have otherwise experienced, doing so we are well on our way to accepting past experiences as valuable as opposed to being merely difficult. There is an increased critical look at may things things and it is up to the individual to intend best use of this expansion of clarity. Mercury retrograde period will add an investigative window to this Moon cycle where the individual, at times, will be expected to parallel past experiences with current ones.

02 Sunday September 13th - Moon enters Libra 10:42 PM
A need to find the foundations of security via relationships and partnerships occupies the minds of many, in cases affecting what is said. A seeking of admiration in self can be paralleled in the positive view one has of another. Finding a mutually agreeable territory can be the simplest and most enjoyable way to create security. Allowing one's partnership to be based on acceptance where an acknowledgement of another's practicality and realism is respected and understood can lead to foundational strength upon which other things can be built. Even if one's own view point differs a bit the knowing of another's vision can expedite matters where mutual security is the bigger priority. Busting delusional or impractical notions which interfere with one's feeling of being safe and secure, or more sever, one's health, can be occurring now and through out this Moon cycle. It may be that individuals have become more prideful or perhaps seemingly overly focused on who they are, their public notability. In such a case it is the partner's ability to allow themselves to accept that they to may be longing for some recognition. This need to be seen as admirable will begin to tail off somewhat after being rather high tone for a year or so. Always one is cautioned about seeking validation from outside one's self. Many will experience increased courage and so an astute focus on the practical is valuable without such distractions. Many delusional or frivolous identities and correlating beliefs are being broken down as space is made for new discoveries and possibilities for the individual and their relationship possibilities.

03 Wednesday September 16th - Moon enters Scorpio 11:44 AM
Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces Thursday September 17th 2:55 AM
Mercury retrograde in Libra Thursday September 17th 2:11 PM
Saturn ingress Sagittarius Thursday September 17th 10:50 PM
A sense that one needs to get to the bottom of things in order to understand an agreement or arrangement can occur. An ongoing concern regarding suppression or even secrecy can return triggering deep felt concerns. For some a long time painful situation will finally be over. Mercury will go retrograde and Saturn will ingress Sagittarius, both occur during this Moon in Scorpio transit. Triggered by deep feelings some partnership current or past is reflected upon and can begin to occupy the mind more than usual. The need to move forward professionally can also be felt. The routine chores, the daily activities, may feel a little different as a different head space opens up and takes some on a journey into their past. Some may begin to speak out of turn or so it seems yet a little patience and consideration and their point may become clearer. The truth behind certain relationships, those which have been occupying the mind more that others, are better understood when an added insight occurs to the individual. An ability to see things through the experience of others will be very valuable. It may be discovered or become more apparent that self respect and self admiration are more important to others than they have been letting on. Acknowledging others when truly called for can be a wonderful thing.

04 Friday September 18th - Moon enters Sagittarius 11:33 PM
Some ingenious way of elevating one's important public reputation or image occupies their mind. An idea typically kept to one's self begins to evolve and a formula for assisting others as well as one's self beings to inspire the individual. The individual is cautioned not to be too over optimistic with their increased logical take on things and yet there is real substance in regards to including others in a considerate way. New strategies for being successful publicly or professionally may be invented, at least inwardly, during this Moon in Sagittarius period. An ability to multi-task is assisted because the individual becomes more astute at knowing what are the priorities, the master activities which drive the overall plan. Some may have to watch out for blind optimism, or a least keep thoughts in line with real situations when involved with real life situations. Ideally the individual will be able to dream big, to envision big things for themselves and the public they value and serve, while at the same time being clear as to what is immediately practical. Mercury retrograde will for some keep the mind focused inward where information which is to be shared with others is reviewed until the best way of sharing it is discovered. Priorities which include harmonious relationships and partnerships can benefit from this transit as the needs of a partnership as opposed to the individual alone fuel motivation.

05 Monday September 21st - Moon enters Capricorn 8:34 AM
Fall Equinox Wednesday September 23rd 4:22 AM Sun ingress Libra
Those who enjoy massive social change should be quite happy these days. Massive change is upon the entire planet, everyone affected in one way or another. Infrastructure shakeups to governments the world over has been occurring consistently for some time and will continue for a few years yet. The individual can bring some clarity to their personal situation, for example their health, by simply accepting responsibilities while staying clear of issues which do not directly concern them. This time may unknowingly be a turning point for some as their calculations begin to shift. New boundaries are considered and new relationships sought as if a new vision and social identity is required. What can prompt change in the individual's public and professional brand and identity as the feeling that too many old ways and old systems have been rendered non-useful. "There is no going back and I must get over it." There may be a panic that the world doesn't function anymore. However ideally we are experiencing a cleansing, this clean up washing away old systems which were used for purposes no longer relevant or feasible in terms of the greater population. As we experience a world shrinking due to technology and the internet we are also experiencing an expansion of possibility. For example we are being called, every individual human, to exercise our humanity and compassion for others. In the past we perhaps did not know so much about others yet now we know and feel their pain. As we live for each other we must be good at constructing our own boundaries or we render ourselves adrift in the pain of others and become less useful to them let alone to ourselves.

06 Wednesday September 23rd - Moon enters Aquarius 1:52 PM
Mars ingress Virgo Thursday September 24th 10:19 PM
Pluto direct in Capricorn Friday September 25th 2:59 AM
Understanding our friends and our relationships with friends, with our community, may be important now as a need to sort out how one fits in can assist one's sense of value and significance. Freedom for the individual is like an individual impulse hitting many world wide. The need to act on one's sense of universally granted freedom causes spontaneous actions which affect communities of people as they see this sort of impulsiveness being reflected in others. Ideally the individual will feel this stuff yet be able to prioritize what is specifically best for them and their family. It is great to have all these brilliant ideas yet when you sit down and consider it in more detail you begin to see the increased burden of responsibilities. Friends can help and perhaps this can work however the individual is wise to identify what are personal responsibilities which must be dealt with on one's own. Some ideas can be challenged by some new requirement which didn't exist in the past. Past ideas may surface right now, or past associates may reconnect after several years, yet the realities have changed, some shared ideas from the past are no longer relevant. Feeling free and unburdened may flood in, some need to make a showing of how they believe in themselves, as if self acceptance needs a reception or celebration. Ideally busting free from known limiting beliefs will be a private thing in that the individual is able to prioritize their self acceptance without needing to have others validate or even cheer them on. Ironically cheering may come because one have been inspiring.

07 Friday September 25th - Moon enters Pisces 3:45 PM
An ability to sort out important stuff from the frivolous is really valuable now and will become increasingly valuable. Compassion for humanity hits many and their rationalizing of what this means increases dramatically. Logic can be over extended and even blinding. Consider how the exaggerated use of logic may be a strategy to deal with the ampted up feeling of concern and empathy for others. There may have been some overly confident ideas expressed lately but now it gets even more interesting as some individuals start taking real actions on what were assumed by others to be merely unsubstantiated ideas. Relationships and partnerships begin to be more important one way or another. A history of going solo and doing things on one's own may be showing some signs of letting up. The thought and feeling of having a partner instead of always doing something alone can tickle hearts of some. Partnerships created now may feel awkward for some however the future can be good. What is required to start a new partnership is an increased sense of respect and admiration which is mutually acknowledged. This admiration may center around the need to identify false exhausting beliefs and begin a more critical approach as to how responsibilities and priorities are realized.

08 Sunday September 27th - Moon enters Aries 3:30 PM
Full Moon Sunday September 27th 10:52 PM
The importance of being self responsible has for some been increasing for awhile. A tiny thing may trigger a demonstration of one's courage where they play out an assumed version of what being self responsible means. The full Moon in Aries may correlate with some emotional trigger. The need to be expressive in terms of moving one's logic out of their head and into the external world may be the means by which this self assertive energy is expressed. Ideally the individual will accept their role in some partnership dynamic as they process the logistics and practicality of their actions. Mercury is retrograde and some of what is concerned and acted upon, or what is said, is actually unresolved or incomplete understandings from past relationships. An individual may even have new people in their lives to relate to yet the process left lingering within may not consider this and the individual picks up where they left off in the past, which can be confusing. Projection, placing one's own issue on the shoulders of another can also be revealed as the mind cannot let go of the past trauma caused by a bumpy past unresolved relationship. Once the individual is aware that they are fleshing out past relation confusion they can begin to see beyond the folly of some belief or identity they were attached to. Always it comes down to admitting and accepting. In the wake of such admitting typically a fresh new wonderful relationship experience awaits.

09 Tuesday September 29th - Moon enters Taurus 2:58 PM
As current and past relationships are considered a need to be realistic compels individuals to look for simplicity. The most basic fundamental shared foundation of a partnership may get some attention. As big ideas flood the minds of some, others are looking closely at their life through the lens of their partnership. Grand ideas are real to the extent that they are compatible within relationship experiences. If the need to maintain realism of one's ideas within their relationship experiences is forgotten a sense of fundamental foundation and where it comes form may call them back into shared order. An ability to share big ideas and to be clear as to how the ideas are most fundamentally supported and real can be a good thing right now. The need to respect basic requirements is key here. As individuals experience an increase in their ability to be critical they can choose to apply this criticalness to the security required for basic living. Acceptance within a partnership experience may be the key to this foundation. When partners allow and accept the actions of each other they are able to be independent while being mutually supportive. This can add a strength which implies foundation is present in the relating experience. Mercury retrograde in Libra indicates focus directed to lingering relationship ideas and dialogue which had not found conclusion in the past. Old ideas may be brought forward and with a new critical interest a new foundation for harmonious happy relating discovered.

10 Thursday October 1st - Moon enters Gemini 4:05 PM
Sometimes sharing energy with another through simply being conversational can feel really good. Also as the Moon transits Gemini communication can be the key focus, especially for successful work related experiences. With Mercury in retrograde and the Sun now in Libra a willingness to be conversational can be present yet the topic from one person to another may vary, a little patience and good listening can be helpful. Virgo is really ampted up right now, there may be those who seem adamant about getting their take on things out and into the ears of others. Uranus's ongoing transit thorough Aries indicates unlikely things happen as individuals assert their social freedom and this can again translate to surprises in what is said. What is said can be critical to others as they emotionally react. Words may be judged more than usual right now. Ideally individuals will speak kindly and also be able to see the bigger picture if some who are stressed say things they later come to regret. Reputation will be prioritized for some, a need to say things in order to service how they are perceived by others, especially professionally, can occur. If there are known distractions seeming to cause havoc an assertive individual may come forward with an optimistic solution. The response they get may be unexpected. Confusion can easily occur so again it is a good idea for individuals to value kind words and be patience right now. Good ideas will make their way eventually, for now be friendly and patient.

11 Saturday October 3rd - Moon enters Cancer 8:23 PM
Social impulses tied to sensitivity or nurturing, or domestic concerns may increase. This is a good time for an individual to look at social nurturing if they have been pondering their role in it. Connection and parallels between one's personal identities and their social dynamics may be revealed. For those experiencing emotions related to home drama, their social dynamic may be called to alleviate some pressure and allow one's typical pattern to maintain some flow. However a need to be clear about family dynamics and social dynamics, their differences, can be valuable. Conversation may seem to be nostalgic, looking into the past while remembering feelings which parallel past dialogue. It's like the belief construction behind past relationships are being infused with new energy. Treasure maps thought to lead one to their ideal mate are turning out to be vague or not complete in some way. The logic fails and the relationship memories return as if stuck in one's over sensitivity to something. An ability to weigh and discern the degree to which logic is needed may be the simple solution, if there is an over thinking issue happening. There is a time not to far off where logic will become increasingly valued but not quite yet, right now there is a need not to be too frivolous with how objectivity is understood. This is a good time however to discover the logical terrain of a past relationship connected to current issues.

12 Tuesday October 6th - Moon enters Leo 4:32 AM
Venus ingress Virgo Thursday October 8th 1:30 PM
A feeling that one is significant may have been assisting and even guiding some individuals recently. Self love is indeed important and yet the individual must be able to accept the realities and experiences they draw to themselves as if they are reflections and extensions of their beliefs. With out this awareness, that our thoughts create, the individual will throw self love into external validation and create experiences where they are at the mercy of the choices of others. An old idea may return and yield better results. Some backward thought is, guess what, not so crazy after all. And this can quite likely be connected with some form of admiration or acceptance, either accepting the greatness of another or of one's self. The Moon in Leo will raise the issue as one may panic if they feel they are inferior and here we can see some past unresolved self doubt is drawn to the surface. Upon current realization and with some new experiences to boot a new view is realized and one has no longer any reason to sustain the self doubt. Dynamics occurring between individuals can facilitate such realizations and also clear the air for some new relationship experiences which will be elevated as a by-product of increased self respect.

13 Thursday October 8th - Moon enters Virgo 3:52 PM
Mercury direct in Libra Friday October 9th 10:59 AM
Accepting a change is more likely today as the practicality is easily seen as promising. Or seeing a relationship with some specific individual is more easily accepted because their reasoning is understood. Also practicing acceptance is an order of good character and an intended way of dealing with others. It may be easier for some to understand or follow the alternative opinion of another, or vise versa, and as such acceptance floods in. Ideally we want to increase our acceptance of others and the logic they adhere to as if we are knowing it is their need in some way to see things in a certain way. This does not mean we agree, it means we accept. For now however, today, an ability to stretch one's logic and rationalizing into zones typically not viewed can occur and as such a real comprehension as to why others think and do what they do can be revealed. During this Moon cycle there has been some changes in how individuals interact as indicated by particular astrological events. These changes may be somewhat mild, or perhaps not, for now yet the shift will be more apparent as coming months reveal. A need to be prudent with what one gives energy and effort to becomes more the norm. A need to qualify the value of some idea, an idea which will require energy to follow through on, is more astutely looked at. This discernment will begin to increase over the next year or two. This can be expected to influence the way we rationalize our relationships.

14 Sunday October 11th - Moon enters Libra 4:47 AM
It may seem as if an ongoing partnership was the result of some poor logic or miss calculation. Some previous reasoning is why a permanent partnership was created? If such feels even remotely true the individual is caught in some fantasy or delusional version of reality, something is not quite as absolute as initially assumed. The individual will begin to see some belief as not as real and thus the correlating logic which qualified their partnership in the past no longer works. A new clarity is possible as Mercury, now direct, sits on the Moon's north node in Libra. The Sun moves into opposition with Uranus in Aries and the dynamic between social freedom and one's partnership may set up unexpected events. A demand for social or public rights either is supported or resisted by a personal partnership. Most likely situations involving others will be recalculated, critically considered, as the individual wants to be free from the pain of being repressed yet wants to be engaged in a partnership which makes sense and feels great. Some partnerships may become publicly active as their ability to get clarity translates to actions which are specifically focused and publicly effective. The way in which a good partnership can positively affect one's business or professional life may also be affected depending on the individuals ambitions. Whatever event the relating individuals find themselves involved in the potential for effective results looks good, especially if they are willing to accept each other and form an alliance based on positive energy and spontaneity.

Next new Moon is in Libra Monday October 12th 8:07 PM EST


Sample Intentions for
New Moon Virgo
Sunday September 13th 2:42 AM EST
  1. I value my relationships.
  2. Through my partnerships I discover more about who I am.
  3. My body's well being is my beacon and direction.
  4. Having clear ideas and thoughts I am amplified in my courage and self responsibility.
  5. My confidence is epitomized by my spontaneous expression.
  6. I see values in others which are like my own.
  7. I allow my feelings and reactions to the actions of others to reveal who I am.
  8. I am accepting that the social infrastructure and correlating social systems are changing.
  9. My ability to discern what actions to take and which to take a pass on assists me when servicing the public.
  10. I am respected professionally because I am impeccable at doing what I say.
  11. Just because I accept ideas of others doesn't mean those ideas are for me.
  12. I feel great compassion for others yet allow others the experiences they create for themselves.
  13. I make sure my new ideas fit in with the my bigger plans.
  14. I am allowing myself to see how I fit in with global humanity.
  15. By respecting the boundaries I am able to maintain my own inspired course and direction.
  16. When I think well of others I feel better about my connection with them.
  17. My partnership is ideal, between the two of us we cover a lot of territory.
  18. I am appreciated for my precision, my clear thinking, and my clear communicating.
  19. I love the boundless yet realize it is not always appropriate to go without boundaries.
  20. My partnership is mutually valuable as we respect and accept the independence of each other.
  21. All is Creator's infinite perfection, Creator experiences life through my love of life and self.

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