Astrologically we can conceive of the Sun as correlating with our will and the Moon as correlating with our reflected self. The will and Sun exist within an expanded moment, the Moon exists within time space corridors of experience. The Sun includes the Moon within itís expanded moment experience as it includes all our local solar system bodies within itís experience. From the Earthís perspective the Sun and Moon come together on moments of new Moon and so we experience the new Moon as a merging of the will with the reflected self. The external world of time space cannot tell us who we are, it does however reflect back to us who we think we are. The Sun and Moon correlate with our relationship dramas where our human incarnation experience is likened to a play. The Earth as the world stage allows us to experience relationship as if we are separate beings and yet the will ultimately knows separation as a local custom within a time space realm holographically facilitated by Sun Earth and Moon. From this understanding of Sun Earth and Moon we can qualify the significance of the new Moon as follows:

  1. The new Moon is a time to strengthen and reaffirm our will.
  2. It is a time to chart responsibility within the time space realm of the reflected self
  3. New Moon is a return to the light, a return to the expanded moment of the will.
  4. The new Moon symbolically gives us access to an imaginary denial reset button.
  5. It is a time to reinvent the self image, to adjust our approach and style as to how we participate in a cosmic separation scenario.
  6. It is a time to acknowledge and value our relationship experiences.
  7. The new Moon is a time to bring clarity to our role in the relationship dynamics we have created for ourselves.