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New Moon Aquarius Solar Eclipse
Thursday February 15th 4:06 PM 2018 EST

Pathfinder Report is a new Moon Astrology report intended to assist in advancing personal significance, equality, and sovereignty through self observation and admission. The report assumes "you create your own reality" an unequivocal fact, at times referred to as "the perfection premise".

New Moon Data
(all dates and times EST)

New Moon solar eclipse in Aquarius Thursday February 15th 4:06 PM 2018 EST
Mercury ingress Pisces Saturday February 17th 11:29 PM
Sun ingress Pisces Sunday February 18th 12:19 PM
Full Moon in Virgo Thursday March 1st 7:52 PM
Jupiter retrograde Scorpio Friday March 8th 11:47 PM
Venus ingress Aries Tuesday March 6th 6:47 PM
Mercury ingress Aries Tuesday March 6th 2:35 AM
Dark Moon begins Wednesday March 14th 11:34 PM
Next new Moon in Pisces Saturday March 17th 8:13 AM EST

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New Moon Chart for Thursday February 15th 4:06 PM 2018

Astrological alignments in place at the moment of the new Moon
Sun (Aquarius) conjunct Moon conjunct Mercury
Sun (Aquarius) conjunct Moon conjunct Juno
Sun (Aquarius) conjunct Moon semi-sextile Chiron (Pisces)
Mercury (Aquarius) conjunct Juno
Sun (Aquarius) conjunct Moon sextile Uranus (Aries)
Ceres retrograde (Leo) square Pallas Athena (Taurus)
Neptune (Pisces) square Vesta (Sagittarius)
Venus (Pisces) sextile Saturn (Capricorn)
Neptune (Pisces) square Mars (Sagittarius)


New Moon in Aquarius
Thursday February 15th 4:06 PM 2018 EST

Ideas of social importance are currently being scrutinized and questioned. Ultimately the self respecting individual will be more openly accepted and acknowledged as an inspiration. The busting of "who's who" statures has been going on for awhile, since May 9th 2017, yet this current Moon cycle will tear through miss qualified individuals who have been passed off as important people. Who they really are will have to be revealed in many cases and the shocking truth about them revealed. A select few, who had at one time been heralded as heroes or respectable, will have their public reputation rewritten, their qualities redefined. And yet for others self doubt can begin to evaporate. Those who were in awe of false individuals and their false accolades can be deeply troubled. In some cases the fall of their heroes will not be taken easily and possible denied. An inability to accept that one was completely wrong about some public celebrity, as an example, will carry one into a deep and difficult place. On the bright side an ability to see the folly of adoring some public figure when it is revealed they are not so honorable as an error or miss conception can perhaps cause one to place the crown of acceptance and admiration on their own head. Needless to say self admiration based on external validation will tumble as this too is connected with worshiping false celebrity.

Partnerships agreeable to social dynamics will expedite experiences such that beliefs as to social acceptance and social value can be relived. A reminder as to how one understands society and how they add up or fit in will be reviewed as a partnership dynamic seems to call for clarity. How an individual is valued by their partner or how one assumes they are valued by their partner may have a social element. A popular person may for example be more attractive as a partner. This may seem to be a rather unique or specific situation however the current Aquarius Moon cycle is quite exaggerated along these lines. If there is any social confidence being used to validate or qualify a personal partnership type relationship then the beliefs and the significance of this value will be played out. The reason so is perhaps the individual, or individuals, need to let go of this type of security in their partnership because it is interfering with their personal sovereignty. Any sort of social elitism has the potential be called out during this Moon cycle, doesn't have to be tied to a partnership, however the partnership dynamic is magnified. There is also a dynamic set to be played out which involves a parental, or at least a concerned individual, who will step in to assist or rescue one who is or has fallen deeply into difficulty. The way a loved one is rescued by a parent for example because they have drifted astray in some way would be a good example. A noble cause will have some taking action which really is a demonstration by the noble actor that they are proud of themselves in some way. A setup where by it seems a victim needs to be rescued is really about the rescuer proving to themselves that they are confident and that they can handle the job.

Sensual or sexual power has been increasingly active since Jupiter's Scorpio ingress last summer. In some cases what was a hidden agenda becomes increasingly transparent. We need merely look at the history of beliefs tied to almost any specific culture to see the many issues which need to be fleshed out. If sexual control and dominance has been a major thorn for those who have in this life time made a commitment to evolve awareness and increase consciousness they will expedite the relevant experiences to heal any old wounds which may exist. It only stands to reason that if there is sexual type issues buried within the individual they can now surface. For example sexual experience when there is an intention to dominate and control will have to be looked at, from either the aggressor or the passive role. To get to one's internal buried issues new current examples will occur such that an emotional tie to a memory, or lost portion of self, can be established. Repressed desire can come catapulting out as the optimistic nature of Jupiter can make things more real. The Saturn Venus trine can also trigger passion and attraction of a sexual nature. The dominance nature of this expression can rise now and play itself out. The need to have a sexual experience without the consideration of the physic connections and interactions which occur along with this can be oblivious to those who are solely driven by their ego. Those who have healthy sexual experiences will ride and harmonize with the physic interchange as well as the physical emotional and mental sharing.


With this Moon cycle beginning in Aquarius the focus will be on ideals and invention which support social well being. The current report, including the fourteen period cycle below, is scripted from the perspective of experiencing visions of freedom and all the opportunities and inspirations which spring from utopian focus. Such envisioned delights bring forward a feeling about one's self admiration. An evolution of self awareness occurs as the nature of how self admiration is related to public interaction is observed. Those born under the Sun sign Aquarius have a natural propensity to self admiration harmonized with social ideals. They naturally and easily move beyond boundaries of limitation which are qualified by social distinction. Not to exclude others as we all have Aquarius somewhere in our personal astrology charts, the following is a simplified list intended to indicate where each Sun sign would access Aquarius propensity for idealism. There are many accents in each personal astrology chart where an individual's energy will be characterized by an apparent alternate Sun sign, as in being their Moon sign. In these cases there may be personal alignments which support a deviation of one's will from their highest order. The intention here is to clarify the basic inclination toward social and public good will of each Sun sign and thus create added meaning to the content of the report. These can also serve as healthy intentions.

    I experience social ideals ...
  • Capricorn: by how I observe and accept all who I come in contact with.
  • Sagittarius: by how I accept what others think and say without judgment.
  • Scorpio: by accepting the way I feel about myself relative to my social involvement.
  • Libra: by allowing myself to be filled with joy and inspiration as I embrace social freedom.
  • Virgo: by being discerning as to what is and what is not a personal responsibility.
  • Leo: by recognizing how my partnerships align me with new social potentials.
  • Cancer: by allowing these ideals to be creatively supported by my partnership experiences.
  • Gemini: by trusting and accepting new ways of being involved with humanity and the planet.
  • Taurus: through my dedication to the public, through my career.
  • Aries: by allowing my spontaneous self to be publicly involved.
  • Pisces: by being a member of the greatest social club of all, by accepting my inclusion within the symbiosis of Mother Earth.


The Birthdays section is a list of birthdays which are being strongly affected by current astrological alignments. If a birthday is not listed here it doesn't mean that a person is not experiencing significant astrological influences which are dynamically paralleling life changes. After all we are experiencing tremendous Earth changes now, nobody is excluded. The people who do have these birth dates are being strongly influenced now and are likely experiencing life altering dynamics. In some cases great opportunities are occurring and in others great challenges are brought forward. Since all challenges can be re-framed as opportunities all those who have these birthdays are experiencing great live changing opportunities. If a birthday is just a day or so previous to the listed date then the person has recently experienced a major change. Due to the retrograde nature of transiting planets the change is not necessarily complete, it may return. If a birthday follows a date listed the person will soon experience a major change. Again due to the retrograde nature of transiting planets the person may have already begun a major change which seems to have backed off, and will most definitely return.

  • March 4th & 5th
  • March 17th, 18th & 19th
  • April 16th & 17th
  • June 28th thru 30th
  • July 12th & 13th
  • September 6th & 7th
  • September 19th, 20th & 21st
  • October 19th & 20th
  • December 28th thru 30th
  • January 11th


To get a more complete or expanded feeling of this Moon cycle consider reading through the fourteen descriptions which follow. Many themes are included here and although relevant to the particular Moon phase and period are also relevant to the entire Moon cycle.

Fourteen Period Format

The Pathfinder Report follows the Moon through fourteen periods in 29 days beginning on the new Moon. The Fourteen periods, or phases, follow the Moon's journey through the entire Moon cycle. Each period will have a particular flavor or tone and is interpreted here as a unique opportunity. The first period begins at the moment of new Moon and continues until the Moon's first ingress. The Moon will ingress into the next zodiac sign thirteen times yielding fourteen unique periods. A theme unique to the complete Moon cycle is also included. As each individual's journey and process is a unique personal adventure this report is to be considered a generalization. In some cases example scenarios are given to assist in providing clarity as to how specific astro alignments may be experienced.

29 Day Moon Calendar

Use the above link to access a current Moon cycle calendar. Each Moon ingress is indicated with date and time. The following fourteen descriptions are relevant to the Moon's cycle through the zodiac. If you are visiting this link prior to the new Moon moment you will have to follow the link "next 29 day Moon cycle". The "29 Day Moon Calendar" page updates automatically on the new Moon.

01 Thursday February 15th 4:06 PM 2018 EST - new Moon in Aquarius
The evolution of awareness is a constant dynamic, each individual is in someway moving forward. As individuals exercise their freewill, even if they have been in the habit of giving this over to another or others, they are constantly pinned to the responsibility of their thoughts and actions. This Aquarius new Moon offers an opportunity to substantiate one's self love. Beliefs in one's self is a powerful dynamic which has huge affects on the type of experiences constantly faced. The misconception about reality, for example one may unknowingly believe in a Darwinistic type of reality, or knowingly, and end up creating instances which force the individual to pay for that type of limitation. On the other hand one who is aware their thoughts create will expedite a much different experience. And of course we must deal with any ignorance we have given into in our recent past, or our karmic past. This is important because our soul like drops of water has been skewed over many experiences. As we begin to defragment ourselves and become whole again we must be able to love ourselves, really love ourselves. If you want to evolve you have no choice, you must have your cake and eat it too! Specifically for those moving in the direction of their natural evolution of awareness, they will benefit from this current Moon cycle in that they will release themselves in some way from social beliefs which define them in a less than ideal way. When we realize that everything which exists is merely someone's opinion manifested, we can get over the false importance of certain social archetypes. The busting of a social admiration which limits the individual from evolving is the current astrological indicator. This process will move into the lives of many offering them an opportunity to collect their soul and increase their self respect, their self love.

02 Thursday February 15th - Moon enters Pisces 9:43 PM
Mercury ingress Pisces Saturday February 17th 11:29 PM
Many social relations may now be feeling strange or may be calling for some clarity. The notion which qualifies the common ground or beliefs upon which the relation was sustained will need to be looked at. A ship which nears the coastline on a foggy night will rely on a lighthouse (pre satellite positioning obviously) or the toll of a bell to keep them in safe position. It is this same safe position which the individual will seek to know if indeed their social relationships are becoming confusing. When social relationships are the solid ground upon which one creates and maintains their security this fuzziness can be concerning. Those who are regulars at doing energy work, or meditation, or commune with the spiritual realms in someway, will know what to do. When we are clear and informed that our ego is our lock on reality, as opposed to acting and believing that we are our ego, we will not be in such a fog of confusion. If one is typically not so spiritual, no possible really, they can during this time direct their attention to some sort of artistic expression. This focus can assist as they bring apparent fantasy into some sort of logical understanding. For those who like to work with the spiritual realms this is a good opportunity to do so, and you will love doing it. Look for spirit between the lines! If one really wants to get down to business busting fake and delusional realities and freeing themselves from the limitation of thinking certain things are more real then they are this is a good time to get a handle on this. Simply look for any emotional disturbance one may be experiencing and follow the emotion back to the qualifying beliefs which substantiate the feelings. Again one who would not believe in such medicine, trusting emotions as if emotion was your link to the spiritual realms, they can still benefit greatly from artistic expression because they are following their emotion as an expressive artist.

03 Sunday February 18th - Moon enters Aries 7:06 AM
Sun ingress Pisces Sunday February 18th 12:19 PM
After a couple of dizzying few days it is now time to take action? The feeling that some action must be taken can be stirring a typically impulsive character. The courage to speak up will be easily met by some, however what they say may not not be well thought out. For those who feel they need to speak up this can be a time where they finally do so, either that or they feel the anxiety of holding the breaks on while they also rev the engine. By late Monday or Tuesday it may be just too much to merely stop dame leaks and a flood of energy bursts through. It does not have to be painful however and if one has a clearly understood basic belief as to where their foundational security comes from and a clear idea as to how they go about their daily affairs it is no problem, piece of cake. It's when things are left too long on the back burner that they get over heated eventually needing a release of some sort. Much better to manage one's to dos up front and be consistent with staying on top of daily chores and routine duties. Up through March 5th conversation and logic can be confused as for some they may experience difficulty in keeping their ideas and thoughts focused. In the meantime actions which occur suddenly can indicate how concerned an individual is about their public reputation. The need to service one's professional position can cause some to take action in a more substantial way then they typically would. Lingering concerns of a humanitarian nature, rights of citizens for example, can be the reasoning behind actions. The mind can be a bit unfocused as if the actions are not that necessary yet some individuals just feel the need for physical involvement.

04 Tuesday February 20th - Moon enters Taurus 2:13 PM
This can be a good couple of days to just settle down and relax, assuming it has been hectic recently. With that said there is an inclination to reject apparent non-real notions, or lets just call it delusions and fantasies, yet it can be kept in check as musings or entertainment. Of course any such musings do have significant meaning, although such meaning will can typically escape the ego. Just to be clear "ego" here refers to the logical mind or one's conscious lock on their local reality. The fantasy foray however takes our attention, our conscious attention, outside this space. If our life has become overly complicated this may cause us to feel uneasy now. With the Moon transiting Taurus many will seek simplicity as a method to calm themselves. In the meantime those with big, big optimistic ideas, which are directly reasoned as a way by which security can be ensured, these individuals with their exaggerated ideas can be troubling to those who's security is tied into the actions they are suggesting. Ideally we want to keep things simple, at least for now. If one is feeling pressured to go along with some security plan of another, like an investment or money plan, it is a good time now to be clear as to how one feels about the plan. Look for the holes in it if it feels like it is not completely thought out. In other words if a sales pitch is being presented look for the realistic common sense perspective and be practical and clear that it is sound. Those who are experienced with maintaining security will be good, those who are newbies would do well to be careful and also be ready to learn from mistakes.

05 Thursday February 22nd - Moon enters Gemini 7:09 PM
Some people's optimism may be driving them to get others on board with their inspired plan. They need others in other words to make it work. Teaming resources together to make a mutually good result is possible and perhaps on the rise, yet it should be cautioned that optimism can be blinding. If the stakes are grand then do include an experts opinion in your checklist. What people typically enjoy about being social, and general socializing, is the fun of sharing ideas, sharing ideas without real commitment. The current hiccup can be some aggressive actions by certain rather independent type individuals who are intent on increasing their public value, as in promoting their reputation. Also there is an urge to talk at least for some, but what will they say, what will they talk about? Some will be happy to talk about anything. Just sharing energy is good enough so the topic is merely grist for the mill. Others will be the opposite, very strict that the words are on track with the current actions and priorities important to them. It may be noticed that some seem to have got off track with their agenda, as indicated by their words today. Others may begin to feel their important priorities and losing their relevancy? If this is a problem then the individual need merely look for the correlating perspectives and establish a bigger meaning to their dedicated agenda. In other words look for the parallels, or the spiritual aspect, or if you look for the cartoon like quality of one's journey. Realize this is a temporary way of seeing and understanding what is happening and as such not to be feared but qualified as a legitimate way to grasp the significance of what one is serious about.

06 Saturday February 24th - Moon enters Cancer 10:07 PM
Sometimes people like their friends so much they call them family. Of course they are not actually family, technically they are not family. In fact in families members can not like each other, rare but does happen, and yet at the same time love theses same family members. In family we are connected in a rich and deep way. Our friends we call family are however connected to us via a different type of relationship, really not like family so much. It doesn't mean we do not love and care about our friends. This is a good time to be clear about the difference between family type relationship and social friendship type relationships. We can be very nurturing with our friends as we would be with family. Now here is the BIG reason why we can benefit from this type of discernment. It is not a good idea to interfere in the realities of others. When we become overly involved in the affairs of others, make their business ours, what are we really doing? Speaking about friends here more than family. We are distracting ourselves from our personal unique specific issues. Simple ask yourself this question, "If I was not assisting my friend with whatever what would I be doing?" Health issue can ensue when we become overly involved in the affairs of others. This not difficult to understand. When we are faced with a health issue we are basically forced out of the affairs of others and challenged to put ourselves first, no more denial. As the Moon transits Cancer we may become more sensitive, we may focus more on domestic things, we may be more connected with our home base. As we can see both Pluto and Saturn are transiting Capricorn indicating domestic challenges triggered by revolutionary social changes and rules and authorities which govern us. By trusting our emotional sensitivity we can get a run down as to what we need to deal with as opinionated by our emotional reactions. Issues involving authorities are for example being fleshed out now and also issues involving the need to except changes are also being forwarded. We know what is significant and important to us because we cannot stop feeling it's urge and persistence, such is the case when the Moon transits Cancer.

07 Monday February 26th - Moon enters Leo 11:43 PM
The opportunity for someone to completely like themselves does exist for each individual. The degree to which we participate in this self admiration however is our choice, we have the freewill to doubt ourselves or allow ourselves to be defined in some limited way. The correlation with an individual's self doubt is typically some form of external validation, we act as if the opinion or social consensus is more important than our innate self magnificence. Why is that? Specifically individuals have models of character, heroes, archetypes, we are to live up to, expected to live up to. This particular Moon cycle and Leo transit can potentially trigger a self doubt. If the individual is fortunate to manifest such an emotional reaction, and there should be lots of this, then this individual will have a connection to the authority and belief they are choosing which in their physiological makeup is a greater authority than their connection with existence via their soul. Of course it is not more important yet the individual has chosen at some point to act as if it is. When we know our thoughts create we know what's at stake when accepting an authority over ourselves. The crumbling of certain archetypes, or celebrities, or offices of historical elites, correlates with the return of the individual to their own sovereignty. The Leo Moon is a perfect trigger for getting one to flesh out where in their karmic past they have given their authority over. In decades and centuries past it was given over to religious authority or royal authority, today it is celebrity and expert, "who's the best". When we see those in our social connections making a referral to who is the best at whatever, relative to the awareness that we have a sovereignty appointed to us by creation itself, we can see there is a poison pill offered at the apparent price of feeling socially included. Sure we can play along and be subservient for a time or as a gag, but what if it goes too far and many many individuals live their entire life as though they are truly inferior to these so called special individuals? As an alternative we could affirm something like this: "I place the crown of authority upon my own head!"

08 Thursday March 1st - Moon enters Virgo 1:59 PM
Full Moon in Virgo Thursday March 1st 7:52 PM
Logic! Logic? A great big passion is feeling really attractive, it is hard to not go for it. Really enticing to feel deeply, very rich, very juicy. So how to justify just going for it? That is a challenge. Logic like throwing dice can be and is at times re-spun over and over until the approval of having, lets say chocolate cake, is finally given the nod! Approved! "Cause I'm going to the gym this afternoon". Ideally an individual will come to know what it is they desire, what it is which is perhaps ruling their logic. We could call it our personal "yum yum"! Our sensuality is indicative of our organic connection with The Earth. Our logic is like a gate keeper. We can see our logical mind and specifically our ego as our lock on our local physical reality. We focus on a specific thing at the exclusion of the remaining vastness of existence. The dance between Virgo and Pisces is this very thing. On the one hand we are the isness, the vastness, the limitless, and yet on the other we are agreeing to be a specific human with specific needs. Our ability to see this interaction of apparent duality as a unified affair merged via the harmonic of our self acceptance will allow us to participate with life in a sensual way. As the Moon transits Virgo and we experience the full Moon we may be challenged to be good with our human self. Knowing we are spirit having a human experience can assist as we create a perspective which values both our positions. Also we will have health issues if we are overly involved in the affairs of others. This Moon phase can trigger health issues which challenge the individual to let go of over thinking and getting back to the priority of what their specific human self needs. Ideally Virgo energy keeps us good with our home station, our physical body, our health.

09 Saturday March 3rd - Moon enters Libra 3:22 AM
The substance of our partnerships can be shown to us in a big way during this Moon Libra transit. The parallel or metaphor connecting our personal human partnerships with our spiritual partnerships can be enlivened. Our human partnership may be a model of our spiritual partnership. A mutual resonance between our local human relationships and our relationship with the spirit world may be shown to us, we may feel the presence of greatness in some way. The logic of this experience may be lacking however those who know that their logic would do well to maintain their physical health as a priority will do well. In other words we don't want our logic to come in and start explaining everything, it is best to simple ride the feelings into realms of exalted feelings. On a much different note this can be a time of money issues. Once we can see how money is like relationship energy on hold, for those who are exaggerated in the money consciousness, we can see how this concern can distract an individual from the more exalted connection to the spiritual realms. Getting back to our connection with the spirit realms, this can be a time when we and our partner work with spirit. When we can do this consciously within our partnership experience great and wonderful things can happen. Speaking of money we can get paid very well, just remember the golden rule here, visualize and let spirit know what you want just don't tell them how to do it. It's about the what, not the how!

10 Monday March 5th - Moon enters Scorpio 8:24 AM
Mercury ingress Aries Tuesday March 6th 2:35 AM
Venus ingress Aries Tuesday March 6th 6:47 PM
Yeah those big optimistic plans may get some intense questioning. Who's idea was this anyway? Our ability to be realistic may not be enhanced right now but our ability to be concerned that we have recently become blinded by our own excitement can be enhanced. This can be a good time to identify things which need to be questioned. Not looking for the answer or solution so much as to revealing what is not quite complete in terns of conception. Especially concerning now are control issues, control over shared resources, shared values, shared finances. Perhaps blind optimism was necessary to get some big plan started yet realistically we need to tweak the plan or see more of the picture. So we start by asking ourselves what does not feel right in our agreements and understandings. Those who maintain a constant conscious connection with the spiritual realms will be most likely enjoying the past few days and now as well. A feeling of the presence of others who are compassionate and rich in their awareness of our experiences can be felt. This can be a good time to become aware as to what in our lives is of interest to our spiritual or higher self and what is more likely to be ignored. We always know when spirit likes our direction because things can go really smooth and work really well, there is a magic about us. We can also tell when spirit doesn't give a hoot, it's like driving a train which is not on the track, our efforts receive little reward. As such this can be a good time to take stock of what has been going really smooth and has been unusually difficult.

11 Wednesday March 7th - Moon enters Sagittarius 5:04 PM
Jupiter retrograde Scorpio Friday March 8th 11:47 PM
A social minded person may feel the urge to take actions which contribute to their social experiences. An individual who is serious about who they are socially may have a vested interest in their social reputation and it is this concern which can be motivating actions. A dynamic of concerns bouncing between selfless dedication to one's social experience verses their independent feeling that they need to be outstanding can occur. There is an underlining karmic matter in play concerning who one is socially. A need to be free from some social belief as in who's who type reasoning, may be playing out. This would be an important matter to the individual because it is quite likely that a personal evolution may be going on with the individual and they are getting quite attracted to feeling good about who they are. The current dynamic then is the process of taking this to the public as the individual may have an unconscious need to have their self admiration verified by the social groups they have become regular with. Plus with Sagittarius ruling planet transiting Scorpio a shared interest may have a material quality to it. Shared resources or a sensual connection with another may be dynamically involved with one's current social concern. For example an agenda to have typical friends being positioned to become partners in some pursuit which involves material things or perhaps a financial investment. Our body must also be considered as the sensual connection with others infiltrates and affects social relationships. The last few days may have been somewhat strange or foggy where the foundational connection between friends is perhaps unclear? Those who do a regular routine of checking in with the spiritual realms will however be able to see the bigger picture, a beacon of clarity and insight inspiring them.

12 Saturday March 10th - Moon enters Capricorn 4:53 AM
It's as if the foundation of our social relationships and the resulting social experiences which we attract to ourselves are connected to or qualified by boundaries and rules which, since birth, we have been trained to accept. The need to have social rules and boundaries can be acceptable however there are those specific rules which to some can be objectional or even offensive. As we near the end of this Aquarius Moon cycle we can begin to take stock of what we have experienced in terms of our social experiences and our connection with others. The society we live in and the way we accept and/or object to it has most likely been shown to us in some way. With Pluto continuing it's lengthy transit through Capricorn the structure of the land and world in which we have come to know as the common ground between us and all others we live and commune with has been dramatically changing. The beliefs we have which facilitate community, locally in our town or as a global community, are being changed. It' like an inspection is occurring where the highest order of harmony and good community living is being discerned. The non-functional or limiting beliefs of our social relationship world are being fleshed out. This can have a influential affect where our social relationships are becoming different in some way? For example we may have recently in the last year or two, met new people who have become somewhat regular in our lives. Or we may find we can no longer find the harmonic with those who had up until this time been long time friends or associates. There may seem to be a dividing occurring, a regrouping. The really big matter occurring to most at this time however is more related to their ability to experience self acceptance. In some cases for this to occur the royalty attached to certain public figures must be destroyed or lessened, thus allowing the individual to accept themselves as the authority of their significence. It doesn't have to be brutal yet it some cases it is, as in some big name being dragged through scandal in a public way. The sooner we can just decide to love who we are the sooner we will be free of social unease.

13 Monday March 12th - Moon enters Aquarius 5:46 PM
Dark Moon begins Wednesday March 14th 11:34 PM
As the Moon returns to Aquarius we can once again feel our connections with our community. Our sense of freedom, social freedom, to do and say what we want in a public way, may have been in some way tested. The idea of being politically correct in a world which is experiencing massive cultural integration can require some sorting, good luck with that! With the Moon's south node currently transiting Aquarius, the poopie end of the dragon, make no mistake we are needing to understand who we are socially if we want to feel really really loved by ourselves. And it happens yes, unconditional self love. In the event that some specific individuals are having a good time these same events can be connected to others who are disdained by them. Apart of growing up and becoming increasingly mature, appreciating a child like nature here, means we are becoming responsible for our actions. How we affect others is another area which may have been explored during this Moon cycle. Currently the Sun in Pisces is making a trine to Jupiter in Scorpio indicating a flood of feeling connected to our passion and compassion. Deeply felt compassion reminds us of how emotional we really are.

14 Thursday March 15th - Moon enters Pisces 5:13 AM
For some it has been an emotional few days. Those who are consciously spiritual will have some nice experiences. As we set ourselves up for a Pisces Moon cycle we will begin to integrate some of the feeling we have been experiencing. There is a world out there unique for each human who is experiencing life, as a perspective here. The number of realities then is equal to the number of people. This is fine and dandy as there is like walls or boundaries between each world, our ego for example buffers the many worlds and helps us to believe there is one really big shared world. A fragmented individual can have more that one world, a fragmented individual can have many worlds, one for each fragment. Each one of these worlds will have a specific "I" which is the ego's ability to believe they are the only I and this is the only world. So funny really. However the fragmented individual continually phases in and out of their different worlds. Ultimately the individual will want to de-fragment themselves and become singular in their sovereignty and their I am. Currently the Pisces Moon cycle we are heading into will remove the boundaries between the apparent different worlds. This can be very disturbing and upsetting to the ego who needs to believe they are the champ and there is no other. Pisces is no boundaries so the fragmented self as well as the smart person who acts as if there is but a single reality can have some challenges during these Pisces times. However the aware individual, not so enamored by logical analysis, can play in this boundary less world and live life as if they are, say a human jukebox, changing the song when they feel it appropriate. This can be a good time to merge with other realities, or perhaps to spin favorite vinyls.

Next new Moon in Pisces Saturday March 17th 8:13 AM EST


Sample Intentions for
New Moon Aquarius
Thursday February 15th 4:06 PM 2018 EST
  1. I am responsible for my thoughts and intentions.
  2. I am able to look at any ignorance in my past because I am anchored by an impeccable self love.
  3. I remember that everything is energy.
  4. I am privy to wonderful experiences because I trust and follow my feelings.
  5. My feelings mean a certain thing to me because I act as if my thoughts create.
  6. My self admiration allows me to have satisfying social experiences.
  7. I manage my responsibilities and am consistent with staying on top of daily chores.
  8. I appreciate inspired ideas involving my own security however I am realistic when investigating the viability of any such plan.
  9. My sexual experiences connect my partner and myself on many levels.
  10. My partner and I express our sensual experiences in a healthy wonderful way.
  11. I know what is important to me because I feel strongly about it.
  12. I place the crown of authority upon my own head!
  13. I can see the bigger picture, I can see the correlating nature of existence.
  14. When visualizing I focus on the what, as opposed to the how.
  15. I observe my logical mind as it keeps many worlds separate.
  16. When I truly feel good about being me I begin to see and feel the bigger picture of who I am socially.
  17. I enjoy spending time with my friends.
  18. I enjoy being supportive to my friends and at the same time know when it is appropriate to allow them the space they need.
  19. My friends like me as I like them right back.
  20. My partner appreciates that I/we have healthy social connections.
  21. I am employed by Spirit.

Soulstar Astrology Appointments

For those interested in personal astrology readings it is important to note that Soulstar Astrology readings are based on the belief that you create your own reality. As such our experiences and most especially our difficulties can be framed as opportunities to evolve toward one's higher plan. As humanity has, in the last several years and continuing now, been going through identity discernment a questioning as to where one is headed and who the self is that is headed there may occur. The understanding of a particular identity will be connected to particular astro alignments and planetary placement. Personal astrology charts show us how things are connected from a vaster perspective. Knowing these connections and perspectives opens the door for more choices. Astrology works well with dates and so consider keeping a record or make a note of some specific date or time frame in which some major dynamic has occurred.

Astrology readings are typically recorded to either CD or tape. If you are interested in setting a date for a session or would like to inquire further feel free to call or check out the web site.

For more information about Soulstar Astrology readings follow this link.

William Oulton
February 14th

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