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New Moon Aries
Saturday April 18th 2:58 PM EST

Pathfinder Report is a new Moon Astrology report intended to assist in advancing personal significance, equality, and sovereignty through self observation and admission. The report assumes "you create your own reality" an unequivocal fact, at times referred to as "the perfection premise".

New Moon Data
(all dates and times EST)

New Moon in Aries Saturday April 18th 2:58 PM EST
Sun ingress Taurus Monday April 20th 5:43 AM
Mercury ingress Gemini Thursday April 30th 10:01 PM
Full Moon Sunday May 3rd 11:43 PM
Venus ingress Cancer Thursday May 7th 6:53 PM
Mars ingress Gemini Monday May 11th 10:41 PM
dark Moon Saturday May 16th 4:26 AM
Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius throughout cycle
Pluto retrograde in Capricorn throughout cycle
next new Moon Monday May 18th 12:14 AM

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New Moon Chart for Saturday April 18th 2:58 PM

Astrological alignments in place at the moment of the new Moon
Ceres (Aquarius) sextile Saturn retrograde (Sagittarius)
Venus (Gemini) sextile Juno (Leo)
Venus (Gemini) quincunx Mercury (Taurus)
Juno (Leo) square Mercury (Taurus)
Vesta (Pisces) conjunct Neptune (Pisces)
Vesta (Pisces) quincunx Juno (Leo)
Juno (Leo) quincunx Neptune (Pisces)
Mercury (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces)
Vesta (Pisces) sextile Mercury (Taurus)
Vesta (Pisces) square Venus (Gemini)
Neptune (Pisces) square Venus (Gemini)
Neptune (Pisces) quincunx Moon's north node (Libra)
Vesta (Pisces) quincunx Moon's north node (Libra)
Neptune (Pisces) semi-sextile Moon's south node (Aries)
Vesta (Pisces) semi-sextile Moon's south node (Aries)


New Moon in Aries
Saturday April 18th 2:58 PM EST

Those who enjoy sharing their ideas with other or who like hearing ideas may realize a means by which some practical matter can be effectively dealt with. This will most likely involve partnership specifics, a newly expanded foundational steadiness, changing public structures, and an inspired logistical implementation. On the surface it may be about communication and networking and yet there is much underlining pre-qualification which plays in. In a sense it is like there is an effective packaging which facilitates the sharing of ideas. A precise listening and speaking for example allows for the implementation of a grander or deeper intention as opposed to being limited to the joy of dialogue. Delightful dialogue will most certainly be apart of the dynamic yet it is to sense and value something much grander which is moving into place. Look for an appropriate insight as to where partnership stands on solid ground. Look for where community dynamics have been in a state of alteration calling for a newly calculated approach in one's design and action. Above all it is one's pleasure to be involved by sharing ideas which sets up these special experiences.

It has been know and rightly repeated that there is a great value to having clearly defined goals. This is very true especially now. Clearly focused ideas and visions are a huge ingredient in achieving satisfying results. Once one knows where it is they are intending on going they will focus their decisions and choices, their actions and energy, their communications and description, all on this. This is an ideal Moon cycle for those who have achieved such a thing, a clearly focused sense of where they are going. There will be those who will be recognized publicly for their masterful skill or for some special thing, likely an achievement. This recognition will be or can be the by-product of their focus and dedication to their agenda and vision. It is not necessarily their main agenda, to be recognized. On the other hand there will likely be some who seek the gratification of recognition and seek this first over a more anonymous public role. Either way it is good yet the sustained satisfaction of seeking externalized recognition will eventually be busted as there is a danger if one is driven by the need to be admired only. There is more receptiveness to ideas communicated, even if the idea is not understood correctly, or completely embraced, there is a fond willingness to hear and share ideas. Those ideas which carry mutually inspired feelings will be the most powerful and will be known by their simplicity and by the individual's willingness to allow their otherwise independent nature to be in accord and harmony with another. Partnership can be very effective right now.

The Sun's Taurus ingress follows the new Moon within the first day and half of the cycle. Actions supported by a well understood territory will go very well. Take for example if an individual is familiar with their local grocery store they know where everything is in that particular store they can be in and out rather quickly. However if the same individual goes to a different and completely new grocery store everything is in different places and it takes a lot longer. When you know the terrain, or in this case the physical world in which you are acting out your desire or agenda you can move about quite quickly and safely. It is this familiarity with the local practical world which is a key to understanding Aries action energy.

A sacred dedication to compassion can come alive more than usual this Moon cycle. Feeling the sacred connection between all things can rise in one's conscious awareness. A basic simplicity is also in the mix as practical concerns are made relative to this expansive feeling. As some feel such presence they will make different decisions and set up experiences and dynamics which satisfy this expanding awareness. This can affect what some choose to say and think. A concern for all living things will prompt solutions to humanitarian issues. The fair treatment of nature's diverse species may be explored with much more dedication and seriousness than usual. Groups who have a conscious rising nature may join forces either openly or energetically. The pooling together of like energy magnifies the rich sense of compassion some feel and causes others who are less available for such focus to become available regardless of their contrary beliefs. As this is an Aries Moon cycle this magnified dedication to compassion will for some be a beginning where the new project or journey is keyed to sacred purpose and recognition of the presence of an all inclusive unity which can be felt. The big value here is achieving a congruency which is the natural extension of embracing great compassion. Such achievement can for example increase an individual's creative power to new effective levels. This occurs simply because there are few to no interfering counter productive thoughts in one's vision and as such manifestation is more directly ensured. Lightly held thought translates to powerful manifestation.

Authorities and care givers merge over serious important matters. Going public may be necessary or even advisable as this is what it takes to get things on track or keep something under control. This may go public anyway as a matter of assisting or even rescuing another, a family member or perhaps a friend, requires a clearly defined action. It may be that someone has gotten a little too aggressive in their confident self identity and needs help which calls for an intervention by a more experienced more mature and most certainly caring individual. Families may be called to rally around some dynamic in order to assist one who got into a difficult situation, something a little deeper than they expected. On a lighter note a strong leadership steps forward with a clearly defined commitment and is able to bring the boundaries and rules necessary to accomplish things typically not achievable. Families may rally around a clearly defined goal or agenda. Maturing in some individuals pays off as they are showing valuable leadership. The ability to identify and acknowledge a problem sets some miles ahead of where they would have been if they had remained in denial. This is a doers world and those who can feel the inspiration and benefit of action as opposed to compliancy will achieve special and important things. Remember to see the plan through in your mind visualizing the desired outcome as this is indeed a time which calls for discernment focus and absolute clarity when making choices.


With this Moon cycle beginning in Aries the focus will be on the impulsive aspect of self. The current report, including the fourteen period cycle below, is scripted from the perspective of experiencing and witnessing how one goes after things. How an individual responds with action implies beliefs which are integrated within the individual. These actions reveal the presence of beliefs which are more foundational than what the same individual may assume or claim to believe, as in "actions speak louder than words". An evolution of self awareness occurs as the nature of one's courage becomes known. Those born under the Sun sign Aries have a natural propensity to be immediate as desire and ambition is expedited through impulse. They naturally and easily respond to their impulsive self. Not to exclude others as we all have Aries somewhere in our personal astrology charts, the following is a simplified list intended to indicate where each Sun sign would access Aries propensity for action and courage. There are many accents in each personal astrology chart where an individual's energy will be characterized by an apparent alternate Sun sign, as in being their Moon sign. In these cases there may be personal alignments which support a deviation of one's will from their highest order. The intention here is to clarify the basic inclination that an individual has to harmoniously and effectively go after things by being specific to each Sun sign and thus create added meaning to the content of the report. These can also serve as healthy intentions.

    I experience courageous action ...
  • Pisces: when paying attention to what I experience immediately around me and servicing my immediate needs.
  • Aquarius: when I listen objectively to others and am clear with what it is I am to communicate.
  • Capricorn: by observing and accepting my feeling responses which are related to my agenda.
  • Sagittarius: by following my intentions to have a good time when involved with others.
  • Scorpio: whenever I embrace my responsibilities.
  • Libra: when I am in a partnership which shares an agenda.
  • Virgo: when I feel the power of what a harmonious partnerships can lead to.
  • Leo: when I expand my world by adventuring into fresh new territory.
  • Cancer: when I move on my ambition and desire to be of value to others though my work.
  • Gemini: when I associate with others, either friends or the public.
  • Taurus: when I fill my thinking concepts with emotional truth and extend my awareness out beyond mental boundaries.


The Birthdays section is a list of birthdays which are being strongly affected by current astrological alignments. If a birthday is not listed here it doesn't mean that a person is not experiencing significant astrological influences which are dynamically paralleling life changes. After all we are experiencing tremendous Earth changes now, nobody is excluded. The people who do have these birth dates are being strongly influenced now and are likely experiencing life altering dynamics. In some cases great opportunities are occurring and in others great challenges are brought forward. Since all challenges can be re-framed as opportunities all those who have these birthdays are experiencing great live changing opportunities. If a birthday is just a day or so previous to the listed date then the person has recently experienced a major change. Due to the retrograde nature of transiting planets the change is not necessarily complete, it may return. If a birthday follows a date listed the person will soon experience a major change. Again due to the retrograde nature of transiting planets the person may have already begun a major change which seems to have backed off, and will most definitely return.

  • January 6th
  • February 27th, 28th & 29th
  • March 10th & 11th
  • April 6th, 7th & 8th
  • May 22nd, 23rd & 24th
  • July 7th
  • September 1st & 2nd
  • September 12th & 13th
  • October 10th & 11th
  • November 24th, 25th & 26th


To get a more complete or expanded feeling of this Moon cycle consider reading through the fourteen descriptions which follow. Many themes are included here and although relevant to the particular Moon phase and period are also relevant to the entire Moon cycle.

Fourteen Period Format

The Pathfinder Report follows the Moon through fourteen periods in 29 days beginning on the new Moon. The Fourteen periods, or phases, follow the Moon's journey through the entire Moon cycle. Each period will have a particular flavor or tone and is interpreted here as a unique opportunity. The first period begins at the moment of new Moon and continues until the Moon's first ingress. The Moon will ingress into the next zodiac sign thirteen times yielding fourteen unique periods. A theme unique to the complete Moon cycle is also included. As each individual's journey and process is a unique personal adventure this report is to be considered a generalization. In some cases example scenarios are given to assist in providing clarity as to how specific astro alignments may be experienced.

29 Day Moon Calendar

Use the above link to access a current Moon cycle calendar. Each Moon ingress is indicated with date and time. The following fourteen descriptions are relevant to the Moon's cycle through the zodiac. If you are visiting this link prior to the new Moon moment you will have to follow the link "next 29 day Moon cycle". The "29 Day Moon Calendar" page updates automatically on the new Moon.

01 Saturday April 18th - new Moon in Aries 2:58 PM EST
This first period is only an hour and a half long yet can be an important time to anchor a foundation for the the rest of this Moon cycle. Using whatever technique suits the individual, visualization meditation some form of setting and establishing intentions, a steadiness is established which proceeds the Moon's Taurus ingress. The fire of Aries energy can be a game changer as new things are started and yet to be effective the fire needs a foundation such that effort and intention can be sustained. Aries and ruling planet Mars are characterized by one's impulsive or spontaneous nature and so it is this spontaneous nature which can become sustained during this Moon cycle. Impulsiveness can seem dangerous as it implies a sort of act first think later procedure and yes it can be destructive. And yet it can be excellent as well if it, impulsiveness, is founded in congruency. What is meant by this is the foundation within an individual which is a result of being honest and holding a degree of integrity, where by an individual is unified in their identity. Consider an individual's actions which are impulsive, they indicate an individual's beliefs to a greater degree than what the individual may claim are their beliefs, how a person acts is the truth of who they believe themselves to be. Knowing this nature, the value of being congruent within one's identity, translates to a spontaneous nature which is reconciled with the complete individual as opposed to an internally conflicted individual who's priorities can be self defeating. Impulsiveness of a congruent unified individual will not be dangerous or destructive but instead will be functional, exciting, and effective, at setting up future experiences. And so it is the quality of inner steadiness which is most valuable to be setup and considered now as we experience this new Moon phase.

02 Saturday April 18th - Moon enters Taurus 5:32 PM
Sun ingress Taurus Monday April 20th 5:43 AM
Intuition and feelings now may well be a pre-cursor for things to come later on in this Moon cycle. In a sense this Moon transit period could be a heads up for what will become important later on during the cycle. A theme to remember, or be aware of, is how impulsiveness is ruled by one's foundational beliefs. In other words impulsiveness is great when the individual has a clear sense of their most fundamental foundation. Fundamental foundation refers to one's beliefs and the impeccable congruency which connects an individual physiologically to their belief structure. One's impulsiveness arises as an action which is in accord or harmony with the individual's complete being and typically occurs as if intuition and action are connected. Impulsiveness to be sure is not waiting around for logical analysis, this thinking and reasoning aspect is assumed to already be in order. As indicated initially this Moon cycle will create experiences which will be dependant on the integrity of one's foundational beliefs and the quality of honesty an individual has within themselves. Impulsiveness has been on high for sometime, well before this particular Moon cycle, yet what is unique here is the Sun will ingress Taurus and transit Taurus for most of this Moon cycle, meaning the Aries aspect of this cycle, the impulsive and spontaneous nature of the individual, will be effective because the ground underneath the individual will be there, the practical aspect of what is real is, ideally, known.

03 Monday April 20th - Moon enters Gemini 7:29 PM
The simpler something is put the more adorable it is to hear. Someone may fall in love with the way someone else talks, even if they completely screw up what they are saying. In a sense this can be a day where an individual who falls into irritation due to the manner in which another expresses their ideas may now actually be more receptive to the same type of words. There will be those who like to correct what others say as if they are making the expression of the idea better or clearer. Authorities who like to police words can be reacting to the way ideas are free lose and abundant, as compared to the actions which are implied by the words. In other words saying something is one thing yet doing it is quite another and more, much more is typically said then what is actually substantiated through actions. It is the unsubstantiated words, or ideas, which may by some be policed. There are other indicators as well showing how words and real actions are in step right now and this again is aligned with simplicity and realism. In some cases these words/actions will be in conjunction with establishing one's security or just simple attending to routine tasks. There is a simplicity in the mind and in the air right now and so this is indeed a good time to get on with tasks which are perhaps mundane yet still quite important.

04 Thursday April 23rd - Moon enters Cancer 12:27 AM
Amplified sensitivity can trigger words not typically said. An attraction to feeling good about one's increasing self admiration sets up a polarized dynamic where an individual will speak from a place of self confidence yet be quick to feel rejected if their words are not well received. Fleshing out a steady foundation can occur as the need to accept how one is received is integrated with one's self concept. How to get something done may require a different strategy than it had in the past, and this is referring to a bigger time window than this single Moon ingress period and even a single new Moon cycle. Yet is mentioned here because it can be apart of the cause as to why there is an increased sensitivity and why there is a challenge in understanding this sensitivity. For now, this particular Moon transit through Cancer, an individual will possible see themselves as a sensitive person and feel that there is pain as one attempts to be accepted by others for their special talent. However the very real world, or the practical 3d world, is not like it was in the past, this new or changing manner of practicality needs to be accepted and integrated. It is this integration which one may be setup to embrace and bring into a normalized sense of being. A solid foundation in terms of self awareness can be felt, a steadiness which can potentially drive one's admirable character. By following one's sensitivity great advances can be made in understanding what is real and functional for the congruent and inspired creative individual. Emotional reaction as always lead us to our most valuable truth.

05 Saturday April 25th - Moon enters Leo 9:14 AM
How is it going? The journey toward self realization and self satisfaction may require the accomplishment of something the individual holds up as a standard. The mark to make in order to satisfy one's self expectation may be checked today. Or it could be that one begins to realize they have indeed accomplished something which gives support to an ideal mused for themselves. Self assessment can be valuable of course and it is powerful to believe in one's self however the big heads up is to be cautious that one's self love is not overly dependant on praise from others. The need for external validation, left unchecked, will most certainly lead to frustration and difficulty. Yet it is healthy and even valuable to accept "what is" in terms of how one's wants and desires are manifesting. There was a period from December 23rd 2014 until April 8 2015 where corrections in what one wants for themselves was necessary, this was a keeping it real time window, as indicated by Jupiter's retrograde review in Leo. Now that Jupiter is back on track it may still work best for the ambitious individual to remember to value a "keeping it real" demeanor. There are days when things go one's way and other days which are difficult, hopefully it is a forward movement in the longer run. As such it is for the individual to realize we are in a forward groove right now and it will last well into July yet the importance of keeping things in perspective is important if the individual wants it to be real beyond July.

06 Wednesday April 27th - Moon enters Virgo 9:08 PM
For some this can be a day where the validity of some notion or belief is questioned. This can arise from a feeling that practicality needs to be more strongly weighed into one's overall situation. A feeling something is not right in a relationship may also occur. A critical assessment of one's situation can give rise to unanswered questions or bring attention to unresolved situations. For some a look into how one is willing and able to negotiate mutual interests can be beneficial as there is an ongoing busting away of independent action which has been occurring for over a year now and will continue for a few months. Critical assessments may seem necessary as a revised or reestablished priority to seek out basic fundamental understandings and actions is the current motivation. Going about things on one's own is a pattern more dominate in some individual's than others and it is this solo effort which is most likely at the root of one's current critical thought process. Wheather you are the individual who historically chooses to do many things on your own or you are the one who is affected by such an individual know that this sort of dynamic is being called forward such that the energy dynamic of harmonious relationship experiences can ultimately be achieved.

07 Thursday April 30th - Moon enters Libra 10:04 AM
Mercury ingress Gemini Thursday April 30th 10:01 PM
Even though some relationships and partnerships may have challenges this is a very good time to look at any such situation as if it is telling the individual something very important about their own specific use of energy. This refers to beliefs the individual holds about themselves which somehow manifests in relationship challenges. Of course this will also include wonderful experiences where a relationship or partnership shines and brings great feelings of being together in a pleasing way. And not to exclude where individuals are inspired to bring a partnership into being. The manner in which individuals act as reflections for each other plays out in how an individual experiences their energy. What is recognized in another for example has a quite magical significance to the individual who registers the recognition. The Moon's north node transiting Libra (February 18th 2014 to November 12th 2015) is a big deal and now with the Moon in Libra an opportunity to evolve a relationship forward in a very good way may be at hand. With Mars currently in Taurus it is the manner in which comfort and security are sought which epitomizes the beliefs of the individual. It is the critical opinion of one to another which either endorses how security is achieved or rejects how security is sought which is most likely to be projected, or reflected. Ideally there exists an opportunity to increase security in a mutually beneficially way and to have a very satisfying relationship experience to boot.

08 Saturday May 2nd - Moon enters Scorpio 9:48 PM
Full Moon Sunday May 3rd 11:43 PM
The quality of a partnership may quickly become more important than usual. Specifically it is the value of the partnership which seems to have escalated in importance or concern. Discussion will be either really good or very difficult, most likely a combination of both. Some things are more important than others and it is the ability to identify such which is highlighted. Some will demonstrate diplomacy and wisdom in how they involve themselves with others and how they address the necessary tasks at hand. By becoming a master of prioritizing or a master of timing a clear headed individual can make benefit for themselves and others. Just because one has not been a masterful negotiator in the past doesn't mean they cannot become one, this is the time to stretch one's wisdom into the zone of keeping everyone on track and focused on a unified goal. As emotional reactions now are quite likely connected to the quality of achievement of a partnership effort this is a good time to clear up known problems which affect everyone involved or to encourage expert skills.

09 Tuesday May 5th - Moon enters Sagittarius 7:14 AM
Rules need to be followed in order to accomplish a target goal. If new rules are not followed old road blocks can reappear. Finding a steady foundation within what has been a long period of change is possible now as a keen eye and sense for basic simplicity reveals realistic opportunities. Changes here refers to the cultural and social adjustments which have been occurring. These changes are no small thing as they have been affecting everyone in some manner or another and have been going on for several years. It could be industrial and corporate changes affecting jobs or political changes affecting how social systems are expected to function or it can be economic changes which affect the decisions individuals must make in order to live and be safe and secure. During this Moon transit Sagittarius period the individual can make their inspired plan work by tuning into the most basic simplicity required and build from there. The willingness to accept that not everything can be fixed by bold action may be true however there is action most likely required. Those who are willing to adjust their actions and not be side tracked by what others think, as an example, render themselves free from distractions which unnecessarily complicate things.

10 Thursday May 7th - Moon enters Capricorn 2:17 PM
Venus ingress Cancer Thursday May 7th 6:53 PM
The significance of one's involvement with current community or social changes may be tested. Social changes can be overwhelming right now as the individual seeks a more basic fundamental position in terms of security. The ongoing changes of social systems is affecting so many things it may be challenging to locate that which is steady and predicable. Some system or method of doing something may no longer be real or available as community changes have been either altered or removed to the extend that what is there is difficult to see or realize. Also coming into the mix can be an exaggerated concern as to how one is viewed by the public. One's professional reputation may be causing them to live out the quality of some identity the individual has aspired to be. Choosing what to do and what not to do may as such be inspired by identities the individual feels are important to them. An ability to make decisions now which can influence one's public position and professional value are dependant on how the individual feels about their reputation and how they deal with issues which involve this.

11 Saturday May 9th - Moon enters Aquarius 7:23 PM
Mars ingress Gemini Monday May 11th 10:41 PM
An individual's emotional reactions can be counted on to reveal what is real to them as opposed to what it is they think they believe. One's social dynamic can trigger emotional reactions whenever the Moon transits Aquarius. With the current Moon Aquarius transit the individual can choose to allow emotional reactions to reveal their beliefs about foundational security. What is real in terms of practicality is an extension of what is assumed to be predicable, ideally leading to an inner steadiness from which other practical decisions are made. How one fits into their community and local social dynamic can be colored by the sense of what it means to be valuable to others. The admirable qualities an individual respects in others or strives for themselves is a direct extension of who they believe makes up their community or society. Self confidence is also connected with beliefs about society. Emotional reactions now will reveal the truth about these things and it is up to the individual to choose to allow their emotional reaction to indicate to them the beliefs which are real to them. With Jupiter now transiting Leo an increase in self confidence is indicated for many however the individual is some cases may not have this self confidence integrated and as such emotional reactions can be triggered. The optimistic quality of self admiration will still, never the less, be associated with how community creates a status quo or standard for notability within community. The individual may discover that their self admiration is based on ideals which are somewhat delusional or not important to the more real sense of practical foundation. Such insight can cause an individual to lose some social distractions as they may have been interfering with their more important sense of comfort and security.

12 Tuesday May 11th - Moon enters Pisces 10:54 PM
Mars ingress Gemini Monday May 11th 10:41 PM
Some may call for boundaries as there is just too much foolishness. Mars has just made a Gemini ingress indicating bold and courageous words or other types of communicating increases. People have different ideas and so it is a matter of choosing harmony which will bring forward the good times. Alternatively the lack of trust in ideas of one to another can be more of an issue right now than typical as it seems as though ideas which an individual is not partial to are delusional and even destructive. Above all the individual is wise to prioritize their health and if there are health issues triggered during this Moon in Pisces transit the individual will likely need to back off some ideas which are quite honestly too much fantasy and not that steady or sustainable. On the other hand if the individual has a good handle on their foundational security a dip into the waters of make believe can be wonderful, again assuming we know what is most real and what is least real. Fantasy has it's way of engaging imagination and triggering inspiration and inventions and is as such an important aspect of feeling and knowing the harmony of existence. It is just an over indulgence of fantasy over an extended period which will eventually lead to a time or moment when one must pay the piper.

13 Thursday May 14th - Moon enters Aries 1:15 AM
A foundation for one's inspired actions will in some way be established during this Moon cycle, even if it means realizing the need foundation it is still an important step toward security and steadiness. The big area where foundation has likely occurred will be in relationships and partnerships. Again it is the realization that relationships are at times more important and valuable than going at things solo all the time. It is not that individual effort falls away, quite the contrary, it is more that others are working in tandem resulting in a powerful mutually support belief or reality which plays put as a foundational anchor. Mars is now in Gemini, as of Monday, indicating the sharing of thoughts and ideas and again these shared ideas are related to foundation. If the ideas seem to be not related to relationship foundation there will still be implied in the ideas the acknowledgement of sharing foundation even if it is an exaggerated rejection of relationship it still implies relationship. Most interactions during this Moon cycle will however be positive in terms of creating and servicing mutual interest. Letting go of exaggerated independent ways and means is huge right now yet ironically the most effective and joyful mutually beneficial actions will require confident independent actions.

14 Saturday May 16th - Moon enters Taurus 3:03 AM
dark Moon Saturday May 16th 4:26 AM
An opposition between Mars in Gemini and retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius will most likely color the dynamics for many during this final period before we experience the new Moon in Taurus. Ideas for some may be overly complicated and for others too simplistic. As this is essentially the dark Moon period the energy we experience will most likely be related to the foundation which has been prepared during this Moon cycle, reflecting on the bigger picture which now so clearly includes an acknowledgement and valuing of foundational steadiness. The new Moon in Taurus will be all about this, foundation and steadiness, comfort and security. And so this is indeed about simplicity. Venus and Neptune form a square in mutable signs indicating a magical journey for those who follow their feelings into other realms, or we could say those who are imaginative as they journey thought the feelings triggered by their magical musings. It may involve a bit of jugging and sorting of ideas and feelings yet there is good indications that a pathway can be felt and and understood. This square can also bring one into a spiritual sense where the spirit realms are felt and invited into the perhaps otherwise dry days of being a limited human. We are truly unlimited. And also the square can be an acceptance and embracing of family interests, especially giving special attention and love to children as if these young people are irresistible in their innocence and goodness.

Next new Moon is in Taurus Monday May 18th 12:14 AM EST


Sample Intentions for
New Moon Aries
Saturday April 18th 2:58 PM EST
  1. I can feel the link between self admiration and inner steadiness as it exists within myself.
  2. A natural sense of steadiness and solid foundation supports my actions.
  3. My partner and I do well because we focus on what we have in common.
  4. I know the value of sustained action and I also know the importance of maintaining a solid foundation in order to service the action.
  5. Our partnership works because we allow each other to be strong individually.
  6. I am clear as to which words and ideas imply actions and those which do not.
  7. I am discovering how important practical foundation is to achieve success with my plans.
  8. By valuing the simplicity of a situation I reduce unnecessary complications.
  9. My support for my partnership projects does not take away from my independent interests.
  10. I am appreciated for my self confidence.
  11. I appreciate my partners self confidence.
  12. My impulses come from a special place.
  13. I feel good about my probability for success yet am able to be practical and realistic as I attend to the things needed to support it.
  14. I enjoy listening to the ideas of others while sharing my own ideas as well.
  15. I feel the harmony of becoming physically involved in things which I want to accomplish.
  16. The actions I take are confident ones because I am familiar with the practical world to which they apply.
  17. I am discerning as to how I allow myself to get involved in community or social uprisings.
  18. The social freedom I have is based on my remembering that I create my own reality.
  19. I feel an all expansive love and respect for all organic creatures.
  20. I feel a connection between all humanity which stretches beyond cultural beliefs.
  21. I am motivated to assist others who ask for assistance.

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For those interested in personal astrology readings it is important to note that Soulstar Astrology readings are based on the belief that you create your own reality. As such our experiences and most especially our difficulties can be framed as opportunities to evolve toward one's higher plan. As humanity has, in the last several years and continuing now, been going through identity discernment a questioning as to where one is headed and who the self is that is headed there may occur. The understanding of a particular identity will be connected to particular astro alignments and planetary placement. Personal astrology charts show us how things are connected from a vaster perspective. Knowing these connections and perspectives opens the door for more choices. Astrology works well with dates and so consider keeping a record or make a note of some specific date or time frame in which some major dynamic has occurred.

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